Want some attention on Social Media?

Leverage our reach and engagement on Social Media

On our Facebook Page, you’ll tap into our highly-engaged Audience of Local Moms, who follow us to get our advice, recommendations and resources.

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We run ongoing posts and advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

We recommend a minimum of a 3-pack of regular posts, either bi-weekly or monthly over a 3, 6 or 9 month period (the longer the better the response rate!)

Consult with us on the best type of Post for you – if it’s a Live Longer Video or a Pre-recorded Short Video, the Best Script to use and the right imagery and engagement tools to use in the Captions.

We’ll recommend a Facebook Advertising Budget and set that up for you using our Page’s leverage and Reach to get a Low Cost Campaign and maximum results.

For Instagram we recommend a Set of Stories, Reels, maybe an IGTV of 1-10 minutes length and a curated Post for our Instagram feed and we recommend a series of Posts for maximum impact! 

Social Media Marketing is Brand Marketing

Think of it as a way to build relationships instead of going straight in to ask for the sale. It's not a Direct Marketing strategy. Using it in the right way gives long lasting and effective results